Crestline High School Class of 1947 Song and Last will and Testement



 Class Song of 1947
By Joan Guinup

To the tune of:



To friends we leave behind, the books and happy times;
We bid farewell to go our lonely way.
Our time in dear old High School shall be cherished long from today.

The Classrooms and the hall – the blackboards on the wall,
We ask a prayer that they will always be.
And to our teachers faithful, there's a warm heart always for thee.

The Autumn football game, the crowd that cheered our name
The spirit for our fighting team,
The picnics in the spring, exchanging junior rings,
We must remember in our dreams.

Farewell to Crestline High, We hate to say good-bye.
But when our time is ended we must go.
We will always remember
How we love you --- More than you know.


 Our Last Will and Testement



We the class of nineteen hundred and forty seven, will to the underclassmen, our most prized possessions. May they use them to a great advantage.

I, Mervin Balyeat, will my big brown eyes to Napolean Morton.
I, Winona Beach, will my sewing ability toe Elise Fullenlove.
I, Alice Beck, will my little pug nose to Donald Stover.
We, Barbra Smith and William Beck, will the doorway t the Lab to the up and coming couples of C.H.S.
I, Jeannine Blum, will my chewing gum to Mr. Enoch.
I, James Blaising, will my alluring smile to Fritz Smarto. May he get the results I did.
I, Betty Campbell, will my civics book to Shirley Horton. Best of luck to you!!
I, James Corbin, will my car to Calvin Cole.
I, Joan Foreman, will my kid sister to anyone. JUST ANYONE!!
I, Bessie Fortney, will my poetic mind to Shakespeare.
I, Jean Galland, will my well-worn motorbike to Edward Garverick.
I, Maxine Garverick, will my shyness to Jimmy Scheiber.
I, Jo Ann Guinip, will my photographic charm to Louise Yaichner.

I, Jean Hagy, will my big innocent eyes to anyone who can get away with what I did.
I, Jacqueline Hodson, will my cheer leading accomplishments to any future cheerleader.
I, Jean Hoffman, will my rosy cheeks to Sammy Ford.
I, John Hurson, will my sleek black hair to Wiley Morton.
I, Calvin Johnson, will my favorite past time—that of chewing note book paper—to Mr. Flynn. Let's not get furious!!
I, Elsie Klaesi, will my seat in physics to the next poor soul who comes along.
I, Joan Krichbaum, will my hobby of milking cows to Lizzie Huber.
I, Dorthy Linn, will Harry Arter to no one. HANDS OFF!!
I, James Linn, will my false teeth to Marion Harner.
I, William Love, will my walk to sticks to no one. It does me good. (What about that, Shirley??)
I, Jack Malaby, will my voice to Bing Crosby. He needs it worse than I do.
I, W. L. Margard Jr. will m ability to be and advisor to Mr. Crider.
I, Mary Ann Mayer, will my long red hair to Mrs. Leicy.
I, Mary McCaffrey, will my molars to Jeanne Rhodus. May she loose her baby teeth.
I, Eleanor Meinzer, will my fluttering eye lashes to John boals.
I, Mary Metz, wil my kettle drum to Betty Jo Gallentine.
I, James Metzger, will my way with women to Donald Gehrisch.
I, Edward Meyers, will my football ability to Jack Flaherty,

I, Richard Miller, will my surplus shoes to Jake.
I, Flossie Morton, will my freckles to Ruth Smith.
I, Eugene Newman, will my job of taxi driving to Arvine Kindinger.
I, Alice Oliphant, will one of my warts to John Krichbaum's ear.
I, Donald Parella, will my quiet manner to Mary Schill.
I, Phylis Painter, will my broad shoulders to Gertrude Long.
I, Pearl Poth, will my figure to Donna Hart.
I, Wayne Rhodus, will my blonde curly hair to Mr. Remey.
I, Joan Scheiber, will my newly acquired farm habits, to Loran Alexander.
I, Beatirce Schill, will my hearty laugh to Conrad Vaughn.
I, Betty Shaffer, will my jazz records to Mr. Dewalt.
I, Marilyn Sherer, will one quart of homogenized nutritian to Miss Cover .
I, Barbara Snyder, will my pink slips to T. P. Linn.
I, Bille Jean Snyder, will my position as president of Y-Teen to next lucky girl.
I, Jeanne Spangler, will the boys of C.H.S to Alma Lou Heibertshausen.
I, Theresa Tuscan, will height to John Johnson.
I, Wallace Vaughn, will my almighty speed to Robert Sand.
I, Cleora Webber, will my affection for children to Joe Johnson.
I, Clark Werner, will my knowledge of Chemistry to Mr. Hackman.
I, Mary Winemiller, will my shapely sweaters to Betty Kraner.
I, Rose Zara, will my ability for carrying the torch to anyone who can keep a glow as long as I did.
I, Jack Zwallen, will my ear-pulling, head scratching, a's and ah's to the future president of the senior class.

Jean Haggy
Dorothy Linn