Class of 1959


WE THE CLASS OF ONE THOUSAND NINE HUNDRED AND FIFTY NINE BEING OF SOUND MIND AND hereby establish this our last will and testament.

I, Judy Lesseur, will my piccolo to anyone who thinks they can carry it.
I, Paul Frengel, do hereby will all of my cheat-sheets and slick cheating methods to Jerry Gehrisch.
I, Jackie Shearer, will my quietness to Sara Royce.
I, Charles Ballinger, will my demolition formulas to Mr. Hackman.
I, Michael Tackett, will my French Accent to Mrs. Fisher.
I, Larry Arlen, will my sense of humor to Mr. Longnecker. May this act of kindness benefit the undergraduates at C.H.S.
I, Mary Louise Adams, will my place in the orchestra to Sharon Reed. I hope you hit more notes than I did.
I, Joe Cozad, will my ability to Loaf while it loos like I am working hard to Joey Brewer
I, Jughead Paynter, will my head to “Doc” Hackman. May his class learn more from it than I did.
I, Bob Retter, will my Pegged pants to Mr. Remy.
I, John Croft will my hip pads to Bonnie Bailey. She needs them!
I, Dave Groh, will C.H.S. to the undergraduates. (So long suckers!!)
I, Tom Brannon, will my love of life, my good naturedness and my ability to get along with Children to Mrs. Hunter.
I, Bonnie Hoffman, will to Mrs. Fischer, a magnifying glass so that she can read my writing.
I, Nancy Brown, will my loft over neutralizer from my Pace Permanent to MaryLou Gearhart.
I, Tom Horning, will my “cycling ability” to Bob Tinsley. (He'd better lose a few pounds or get a bigger motor bike.)
I, Susie Walters, will my ability to keep from falling in the gym to the next person with wobbly legs.
I, Roger Ruhe will my ability to keep a car on the road to Jerry Gehrisch.
I, David Glauer, will by ability to find the gear-shift on a type-writer to anyone with enough courage to operate this machine.

I, Bonnie Jean Long, will my ability to stretch for a high ball in gym to Janet Booth. May she never be injured again from her short strectch.
I, Frances Perito, will my ability to drive a car that has a stick shift to Mary Lou Gerheart.
I, Helen Scanlon, will my French Horn to anyone who likes to play UMP-UMP-PA-PA.
I, Linda Pry, will my ability to go with one boy to Dorothy Smarto. Is it possible Dot??
I, Mary Vuich, will my quietness and good behavior in class to Lana Hensley.
I, Nancy Robbinette, will my red hair and sun-tanned freckles to Loraine Widman.
I, Sallie Ryan, will my naturally curly hair to Norman Mollenkoph.
I, Carol Horning, will a door knocker to Mr. Engle. May he never lose it.
I, Jim Jones, will my hair to Mr. Howe.
I, Gary, Legg, will my ability to pick a World Series winner to Jim Moleno, May he make as much off somebody else as I made off him.
I, Elwood Hensley, will my barbells to bones bender, may he lose some of his extra pounds.
I, Wilma Tinkey, will my baseball bat to Miss Dove for her 5th period Math class.She could use it.
I, Mary Louise Burkhart, will my job as a popcorn girl at the local “Flick” to Loraine Widman.
I, Sally Stanocvich, will my position as secretary to the Athletic Association to any one who wants it. ( I hope you do a better job than I did!)
I, Bill Garrett, will my two years experience in Legion baseball to the next rookie.
I, Katheryn Brown, will my nice figure and sweet personality to Sandra Mills.
I, Billie Arcudi, will my weight problem to Larry Levy.
I, Joyce Poth, will my position as accompanist in Choir to Dot Smarto. Have fun!
I, Bob Mayfield, will my football ability to Joey Brewer.
I, Mary Exenkamper, will one of my sack dresses to Faye Griebling. (We must keep up with the styles, Faye!).
I, Carole Yost, will my height to Ronnie Studer. I am sure he can use it.
I, Judy White, will my naturally blonde hair to Margie Ratcliff.
I, Henry Keib, will my bible to “Digger” Beck.
I, Nik Pry, will my size 12 basketball shoes to “Mouse” Ransom, I think they'll look better on him.
We, Dave Boyd, Joel Reed, and Stu McCallister, do hereby will Mead Hall back to Mrs. Fischer.
I, Paula Trent, will my position as assistant librarian to Donna Carpenter. May she have better luck than I did.
I, Joseph Sperduti will my position as janitor at the Roxy Restaurant to Bill Burkhardt, Crest Show custodian.
I, Eldon Bauer, will my ability to guide first rank in the band to Russ Sauers. Keep it straight!
I, Susan Sampsel, will my curley hair to Larry Sampsel. May he never get a “butch”.
I, Ileen Marshall, will my seat in the band to anyone who has spare time.
I, Pauline Simmermacher, will my clothes to Becky Quail.
I, Dorthy Rankin, will my understanding and appreciation of Crestline High to any student who wants to have fun going to school.
I, Linda Lumbard, will my ability to march on the right foot at the right time to Eugene Cox.
I Bunnie Rohrer, will ability to turn yellow in chemistry to any student who wants it.
I, Carolyn Smith, will my sense of humor to Mrs. Withers.
I, Deirdre Kraner, will my ability to have a police escort to a gas station to anyone stupid enough not to have enough gas to get there.
I, Connie Yost, will my seat in Mrs. Bishop's second period study hall to anyone.
I, Judy Krichbaum, will my position as homecoming queen to the next lucky girl. May she have a better time at the crowning then I did.
I, Nancy NcKean, will my freckles to Millie Fullenlove. I think she needs a few more.
I, Ronnie Barker, will my ability to give current events of Kentucky to Danny Barker.
I, Jeanie Barker, will my set of car keys to my brother, Danny. “Look out for the Omar man”, Dan.
I, Denny Tuttle, will my position as right guide in the band to Eugene Cox. Don't trip over the yardlines, Cox.”
I, Inez Solinger, to Marge Ratcliff will my cymbal. Solos. May she learn the scales quicker than I did.
I, Anthony Tesso, will my ability to work in shop to Tom Hines. May he never get anything done.

Witnessed by:
Mike Tackett
Judy Lesseuer
Tom Brannon