Class of 1950


 Class Motto

"Sucess awais at Labor's Gate"


The Senior Class of 1950 Class Play
“ Hilarity House”
March 30 at 8:00 o'clock.

Members of the Cast.
John Nolder
ElaineWinemiller Rusk
Tom Jones
Carole Mayer Histed
Bill Linn
Doris Kincaid Davis
Pam Marquart Boals
Gene Gehrisch
Kathleen Snyder Vaughn
Conrad Vaughn

Music was by the Crestline High School Ochestra

Miss Lucille Pennington, Director. Furniture was from Marshall's Furniture Store, Jack Marshall Proprietor, Flowers were from Tornichio Flower's, Joe Tornichio Proprietor.


 We Could Have Danced All Night

Junior Senior



 Junior – Senior Reception
Dreamer's Holiday

Butterflies, cobwebs and yellow spiders and silver and red accents transformed the lattice covered walls of the Crestline High School Gymnasium into a “Dreamer's Holiday” Friday evening May 12, 1950. Adding to the settings charming allure, was the Lady in Black at the far east end of the gym, under a bower of magnolia blooms. Dancers whisked their partners across a floor embossed with the 1950-1951 under the magic colored lights that shown upon the floor.
The Grand March proceeded with Miss Kathleen Snyder on the arm of Senior Class President Conrad Vaughn and Miss Norma Urlich escorted by Martin Kemle Junior Class President. The Grand Entrance was made to the musical sylings of Nel's Blocker and Orchestra .
At 12:30 as the nights memories continued as the guests were treated to a formal dining atmosphere in the school cafeteria where they were seated at tables decorated in silver and rose accouterments. William Blum gave the invocation and a toast of welcome given by Martin Kemle. Barbara Kemle sang “Miracle” and “Let All My Life Be Music”. Senior Class President Conrad Vaughn responded to the toast and Marilyn Lambert and Don Kindinger presented a trumpet Duet. Eudora “Peachie” Morton gave a humorous reading of “The Waltz” L.L. Hill President of the Board of Education spoke on “Just Dreamin” and Mary Joanne Nolder closed the program by singing “If Love Were All” and a Dreamer's Holiday. At 2:45 the classes assembled at the Crest Theater where Proprietor Pete Gregory treated them to an early morning movie the Reception was capped off with breakfast at the Roxy.


 The Senior Recital

“If My Song Had Wings”
“Joshua Fit de Battle of Jericho”
The Senior Vocal Ensemble
Pamela Marquart,
Elaine Winemiller,
Kathleen Snyder,
Elise Fullenlove,
Doris Kincaid,
Alma Lou Heibertshausen,
Richard Hoffman,
James Kelso ,
Mickey Sand,
Gene Gehrisch,
John Johnson,
John Nolder
Richard Hoffman
"Deep in My Heart"
Doris Kincaid
"If God Only Let You"
Elaine Winemiller
"Thou Art The Night Wind"
"Song of the Open Road"
John Johnson
"Drink to Me Only With Thine Eyes"
Gene Gehrisch
"Friend of Mine"
Vocal Duet
Elise Fullenlove and Elaine Winemiller
"Oh Lovely Night"
Double Quartet
Pamela Marquart
Elaine Winemiller
Elise Fullenlove
Doris Kincaid
Richard Hoffman
James Kelso
Gene Gehrisch
John Johnson
" There Be None of Beauty;s Daughters"
"Going A-Maying"
Double Girls Trio
Pamela Marquart, Elaine Winmiller, Elise Fullenlove, Doris Kincaid
"In the Pride of May"
Boy's Quartet
Richard Hoffman, James Kelso, Gene Gehrisch, John Johnson
"A Moonlight Night"
Pamela Marquart
Baritone Horn Solo
" Ave Maria"
Gene Gehrisch
Trombone Solo
"Longing for Home"
Ruth Smith
French Horn
"After Sunset"
Carole Mayer
Piano Solo
"The End of The Day"
Class Song
Words by Elaine Winemiller
Accompanists for the evening
Mrs. Lucille Morrow Pennington
Ms. Carol Mayer

 Class Prophecy

 1950 Senior Class Prophecy

The Reverend James Kelso led the invocation at the 1960 reunion of the Class of 1950. The class role was called and thirty-four members of the forty member graduating class were present.
During the short business meeting it was decided to have each member give an account of what he or she is doing after graduation from Crestline High School.
Dorthy Bletz was first to relate the main events of her life since leaving C.H.S. Dorthy is now married and is librarian at Crestline's New Public Library. Dick Blum is a furniture maker for Crestline's furniture store, while Rosella Croft is happily married to a former sailor. Marilyn Gantzler is manager of the Ultra Modern 5c -$1.00 in Crestline. Gene Gehrisch, noted radio crooner, stopped on his way to Hollywood, where he will star in the leading role in “Como Sings Again” Rosemary Harley is now married to a former soldier and lives in Shelby. Alma Lou Heibertshausen flew in from New York City, where she and a member of the class of 1949 of Crestline High reside. Dick Hoffman, owner of Hoffman Floral Acres gave each member present an orchid. Tom Jones is now the leading Veterinarian of the area. Norma Lamb is also happily married to a member of the 1949 graduating class of C.H.S. Norma McKim is the Crawford County Health Nurse. Glen Miller is a foreman on the Pennsylvania Railroad. Master Sargent Bob Miller of the U.S.M.C. has only 10 more years to serve before he retires. Pat McCarthy is now married and resides in Galion. John Nolder is the music director at Crestline High School. Doris Plummer is the General Secretary at Hoffman's Floral Acres. Geraldine Pry is a bookkeeper at First National Bank. Louis Reeves is the owner of Reeves Auto Repair Shoppe. Mickey Sand is now head football coach at the Ohio State University, invited the class to be present at one of the games next fall. Charles Smarto is professor at the Ohio State University. Ruth Smith is a nurse at the Crestline Emergency Hospital. Jack Spanger is married to a girl formerly of neighboring Ontario. Jack is also the Pennsylvania Railroad's leading machinists. Susan Stephan is the manager of Crestline's ultra-modern Theater and Playhouse. Eileen Tuscan is the foreign language teacher at C.H.S. Mary Lou Tuscan is the manager of Tuscan's restaurant. Conrad Vaughn and Kathleen Snyder are now happily married . Conrad owns the leading Pharmacy, and Kathy is his secretary. Mary Vogt is also happily married, of course to a farmer!! Joe Will is the owner and manager or Will's Greater Truck Farm. Elaine Winemiller happens to be in town at this time because she is in the starring role at the Playhouse for the current show. Beverly Woods is married to a graduate of Capitol University and the owner of Crestline's largest women's store. Although the other members could not be present they sent letters telling of their businesses or occupations.
Jim Poole is the owner and manager of of the Poole Pinball Manufacturing Company. Virginia Maddy is a nurse at the Crestline Emergency Hospital. John Johnson, chief accountant in the U.S. Treasury Department could not be excused to be present. Doris Kincaid is a commercial artist in New York. Roxanna Cox is the fictional “Betty Newton” for the Radar Cooking Implements, Inc. Elise Fullenlove, the local girls physical education teacher, could not be present as she and her classes are on tour. Pam Marquart is a nurse a at hospital in Michigan. Carole Mayer resides in Chicago with her husband who is the 2nd Vice President of the P.R.R.

Acting Secretary,
Conrad Vaughn

Graduation 1950

 Seventy-Seventh Annual


Crestline High School


Crestline, Ohio
Lois Cellini -------------Social Science, Assistant Coach
Cora Cover-------------History,Civics
W.Robert Crider--------General Science , Dramatics
Moulton DeWalt---------English
Arthur T. Enoch----------Principal
Freda Stone Enoch-------Vocation Home Economcis
Michael A Flynn, Jr. ------Mathmatics, Junior High Coach
Faye Griebling-------------Latin, History
Karl E.Hackman-----------Science
Inez Hunter----------------Secretary
Merle A. Hudson ---------Coach, Health Education
Freda Z. Miller ------------Commercial
 Elizabeth O'Leary----------English
Lucille Morrow Pennington ---Music
 Ayden A. Remy-------------Superintendent
Ruth Kaler Varga------------Girls Health Education
Vernon A. Walrath-----------Industrial Arts

 Board of Eduacation

 LL Hill ------------------------President

 F.C. McNeal -----------Vice President

 F.G. Hesser ----------------------Clerk

 Harry White -------------Board Member

 Earl J Feik---------------Board Member

 Class Roster and Honored Students




 Dorothy Jean Bletz
Donald Richard Blum
Roxanna Cox
Rosella Diane Croft
Elise Ann Fullenlove
Marilyn June Gantzler
Lowell Eugene Gehrisch
Rose Mary Harley
Alma L. Heibertshausen
Richard Hartman Hoffman
John Johnson
George Thomas Jones
James Arthur Kelso, Jr.
Doris Lucille Kincaid,
Norma Jean Lamb
Viginia Ruth Maddy
Carole Marie Mayer Pamela Lee Marquart Eugene Miller
Robert Louis Miller
Patricia Ann McCarthy



Class Flower

the Yellow Rose


 Norm Ruth McKim
John Alfred Nolder
Dolores Joan Plummer
James Richard Poole
Geraldine Ann Pry
Lewis Edward Reeves
Edmond Michael Sand
Charles Eugene Smarto
Ruth Lynn Smith
Kathleen Grace Snyder
Jack Albert Spanger
Susan Sylvia Stephan
Eileen Tuscan
Mary Lou Tuscan
Conrad C Vaughn
Joan Van Horne
Mary Louise Vogt
Joseph Ellsworth Will
Phyllis Elaine Winemiller
Beverly Joyce Wood

Special Music



Pomps and Circumstances

C.H.S. Choir
“The Cheubum Song”
“My God And I”

Graduates sang the Class Song


“The End of a Perfect Day”
Words by
Elaine Winemiller

High Honor s
Edmond (Mickey) Sand
Pamela Marquart
Charles Smarto

National Honor Society
Edmond (Mickey) Sand
Pamela Marquart
Charles Smarto
Kathleen Snyder
Dorothy Bletz
Norma Lamb
Ruth Smith

Special Guests and Faculty

Program Speaker

Paul V. Barrett College of Wooster
“Guide Posts of Life”
1.“You Are You”
2.“ I will”
Ayden. A. Remy

Class Advisor
Moulton De walt

Board of Ed.

Frank C. McNeal
Rev. Simon A. Metzger D.D.
Director of Music and Choir
Lucille Pennington

 Freshman Year Photo -1947 Year Book
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