Kelly Park




Openning Day at the Kelly Park Swimming Pool.

Above was openning day at Kelly Park.

Among the swimmers are Harrington Steiert, Mateel Clemens, Paul Kelly,

Clarence Laeng, Helen Mayers and Sister Kathleen Mayers.

"A pictorial History of Crestline"


Kelly Park


"Sanitary Swiming Pool"

First "Bowl" shaped swiming pool and ice rink in Kelly Park.

A pictorial History of Cresline, Ohio



 Ground for Kelly Park Given to Crestline



 Gives Park to Crestline

C.A.Stephan Gives Eight Acres at the West End of Town for Park and Playground Purposes, to be Controlled by Committees from the Women's Federation and Chamber of Commerce.

Crestline Advocate

At a meeting of a joint committee of the Fed ration of Woman’s Clubs and the Chamber of Commerce Tuesday night , C.A. Stephan made a formal offer of eight acres of ground along west Bucyrus Street absolutely free to be used for park and playground purposes. The offer was accepted by the joint committee and the formal transfer to the city will be made at once.
This is the property formerly known as McGuire's Springs and used the last two years as a Playground Park, where numerous picnics have been held and a great amount of playground apparatus set up. In the last two seasons the grounds have been under the control of the joint committee named above and their work has been hampered by the fact that the grounds did not belong to the city and the people were backward about making donations as they thought there might be the possibility of the ground reverting to other purposes. For this reason the formal transfer has been made to the city and the joint committee can go ahead with their arrangements and improvements.
An additional building or two has been planned for the grounds and a sanitary swimming pool which can be turned into a skating pond in the winter time.
At the meeting Tuesday night the committee organized as follows. Harry White, President;Mrs. J.M. Martin, Vice-President; Mrs. John Marquart, Secretary, Mrs. C.V. King, Treasurer. Other members of the committee are Mrs. C.E. Dewald, Miss Sarah Dunn, E.T. Talbott, O.F. Kime, H.E. Eckstein and C.A. Simpton.

Abstracted from the May 11, 1922 Crestline - Advocate Crestline Public Library


Picture From "A Pictorial History of Crestlin Ohio"


Picture From "A Pictorial History of Crestline Ohio "