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(Church as it appears in 2010)


Now Towers Above the City at an Altitude of About
One Hundred and Seventy Five Feet.


On last Friday the new cross was raised to the top of the St. Joseph church steeple and placed in position there over the city and visible for miles in nearly every direction from the city.
Lewis and Howard of Mansfield , who make steeple climbing a specialty, had the contract on this church and painted the the steeple, ridge ways and gutters. It was no small job and an undertaking often fraught with danger to life and limb, but these gentlemen got through the contract without the slightest mishap. The members of the congregation along with their minister, Rev. J.C. Herr, are delighted with the work and say that it is done according to their wishes.
The contractors labored under some disadvantage owing to the recent storms and high winds, but notwithstanding finished the work in good time. The most dangerous work after the painting was done seemed to be in placing the the cross upon the apex of the steeple, for you must remember that the cross which is made of copper and steel casing weighed about 100 lbs and was 8 feet high. It was safely conveyed to its place by ropes and pulleys and slipped over the post which protruded through the top of the steeple. It was a sight to witness the skill of the men at that perilous height.

Abstracted from the July 26, 1900 Crestline Advocate-Crestline Public Library.


St Joseph Chruch with steeple early 1900's



Early St Joe's school and parsonage.


Early Picture Trinity Lutheran Church 





Trinity Lutheran Church - Corner of Thoman and Main Streets

The English Lutheran and Trinity Lutheran merged congregations in 2010



  Service Flag Dedicated
Twenty five stars on Flag
Presented Sunday at English
Lutheran Church.
Crestline Advocate September 10, 1942

A service flag bearing twenty five stars for young men, members of the English Lutheran Church now serving with the various branches of the armed forces was dedicated Sunday at the church hour. The Sermon Topic Presented by th pastor, Rev. S A. Metzger was entitled “On Two Fronts.”
The Flag was carried to the front of the church by Willis Kaler, and Mrs. Fritz Varga (Ruth Kaler) the honer going to them because of the death the past summer of their son and brother Ensign Emerson Kaler. Each young man whose star appeared on the flag was represented by some member of their family who followed the Kalers to the alter. Harry E. Rhodes, A. S. home on leave fro the Great Lakes Navel Training Station, was the only service man present.
Stars on the Flag represented the following. Ensign Emerson Kaler., (Gold Star), Sgt. Edward E. Laughbaum, Ensign Robert F. Teeter, and Pvt . Charles E. Thoman of the Air Corps. Candidate Clarance A. Armstrong, Corp, Harry Clark, Pvt, Robert Dick, T-5 Herbert J. Eichler, Pvt. Carl Eugene Fisher, P.F.C. Robert H. Glauer, P.F.C. Glen F. Hipp. Pvt Elwood Leicy, Pvt Herbert H. McNeal, Sgt. Robert Shindledecker, and corp. tech. Clarence Speelman, of the Army, Pvt. Carl F. Hagy, jr. Pvt, Russel Theodore Wood of the Marines; Richard L. Helfrich, A.S., Robert E. Hoffman, Ensign Joseph Lightburn, Lt. Charles E.F. Miller, Harry E. Rhodes, A.S., Clinton L. Schreck, A.S., Warren Jack Wood of the Navy and Ivan Leroy Hipp S.F.C of the Coast Guards.


Abstracted from the Crestline Advocate--Crestline Public Library



German Reform Church

Was located on the Corner of Thoman and John Street. New Church was built on the Corner of Heiser and North Wiley street becoming the United Church of Christ later The Calvary United Church.

the Crestline Public Library was relocated to the old church property during Urban Renewal

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Early German Reform Church on John Street - Later used as the "City Garage"

Photo from the Crestline Public Library's Collection of Crestline Photo's





Early Picture United Methodist Church-Brick Structure



United Methodist Church

Corner of Union and Thoman


First Methodist Church - Crestline Ohio- Wooden Structure